Digitech Jamman Vocal Looper

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The DigiTech® JamMan® Vocal XT is a compact looper designed specifically for vocalists. It is easy to use, yet versatile enough to add the “wow factor” to your vocal performances. 10 minutes of looping time, Silent Clear™, JamSync™, XLR Input/Output, a Built-in dbx® Mic Preamp, and +48V Phantom Power, the JamMan Vocal XT extends our JamMan Looper family to vocalists!

Pedal Specifications:

– 10 minutes of looping time
– Built-in dbx® Mic Preamp
– +48V Phantom Power
– XLR Input & Output
– JamSync™ – automatically synchronizes with other JamSync-enabled JamMan pedals
– Silent Clear™ – clears loop memory without starting playback first
– Separate LEDs for Record, Overdub, and Play Status
– Unlimited Overdubs with Undo and Redo
– Included 9VDC Power Supply
– Durable metal chassis and footswitch
– 24-bit 44.1kHz sample rate

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