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About Us

Beggs music center history

Begg’s Music Centre was founded in 1861 by Mr Chas Begg. The first store in Dunedin was soon followed by branches throughout New Zealand. Begg’s Music Centre was also involved in piano construction, winning a medal for a piano in 1865 constructed with a rimu case! In 1986 Begg’s Music was amalgamated with Christchurch Music Centre, now known as the “Beggs Music Centre”. After the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake, Beggs moved from the shop on Colombo St to its new location in South City Mall and now to 53 Brisbane St.

What beggs music center does

Whether you are looking to buy or sell an instrument, need repairs, advice or are after some tuition help in your quest to be the next great rock star, the Begg’s Music Centre team are here to help! We stock a diverse range of instruments from recorders to guitars, to drums and grand pianos.

The Begg’s Music Centre team are all highly experienced and can advise you on the best choice of instrument for you, whether you are a beginner or an accomplished musician. We also repair/service a wide range of musical instruments. So whatever your musical need, come and see us, we’re here to help.


Begg’s Music Centre supply musical instruments and equipment to a large number of schools throughout New Zealand. We have supplied grand pianos to St Andrews and Heaton Intermediate plus a digital piano and keyboards to Avonhead Primary School among others.

Our customers have included everyone from the band “UB40” to parents bringing in their children for their first musical instrument.

Begg’s Music Centre is one of the oldest names in New Zealand music and as such it is important for us to maintain our reputation for outstanding customer service. Every product we sell is guaranteed and we provide ongoing back-up for the products we sell


The Begg’s Music Centre team have a wealth of experience in many areas of music and are able to help you with almost any enquiry. We are all experienced musicians and music lovers.

Grant is involved in the overall running of Begg’s Music Centre as well as specialising in acoustic and electric pianos, and keyboards. He also plays clarinet.

Jan   specialises in keyboards pus digital and acoustic pianos .

Luke   works some weekends and holidays. He is now an expert guitar tuner and restringer. He will also be dealing with our facebook page

Robbie is our youngest staff member and he works Friday afternoons and some weekends. He helps unpacking, restringing guitars etc. He has also been involved in setting up instagram and other social media.

Cynthia handles all Begg’s Music Centre’s accounts and office work.

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