Carlsbro CSD25M Electronic Mesh head drum kit.


The CSD25M electronic drum kit is designed with 3x 10” cymbals with an advanced noise reducing soft touch rubber padding. Both Crash and Ride cymbals include a cymbal choke feature.
4x 10” mesh drum pads equipped with our refined realistic mesh heads, and our lowest profile drum rims, designed to increase accuracy and reduce noise from unwanted rim shots. Our carefully designed sensor technology alleviates dead spots across the head, greatly improving playability and creating a natural feel. The snare pad includes the dual zone feature allowing you to utilise rimshot and side stick sounds into your playing and lessons.
The fully adjustable drum frame gives you unlimited configuration and positioning versatility to cater for drummers of all age and size. Quickly and easily convertible to suit left handed drummers and any possible configuration that you require. The frame is Preassembled, making the setup process quick and painless. Every adjustment is easily made with hand fastening wing nuts and a drum key (included), no additional tools or fuss required.
The CSD25M includes our aluminium lightweight super durable pedals with a unique noise reducing design allowing for quiet home use. Sensitivity and velocity adjustable, creating a smooth hi-hat articulation and tailored bass drum action whether you’re hard hitting at full volume or trying to keep noise to a minimum, the CSD25M can cover any situation.

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