Korg LP380-U with 3 x pedals, incl. stand.


The Korg LP-380-U digital piano is an update of the LP-380 that adds USB Audio/MIDI for easy connectivity to your favorite computer music software. The LP-380-U boasts an advanced soundset with 30 incredible sounds derived from Korg’s flagship keyboard instruments. The LP-380-U employs Korg’s beautifully responsive RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action) keyboard, which gives you a heavier feel in the bass register, progressing to a lighter touch in the treble range — just like a real acoustic grand piano. Korg packed the LP-380-U with sophisticated features, including the choice of nine different temperaments to support a wide historical and cultural range of music. And with its sleek, stylish cabinetry, the Korg LP-380-U will grace any room in your home.

Expressive acoustic grand pianos

The RH3 keybed is incredibly sensitive to the nuances of your playing, accurately delivering the full expression you put into each performance. You have a choice of three Touch selections — Light, Normal, or Heavy — to match the keyboard’s response to your playing technique or to optimize for the material being played. Each key is sampled at four different velocities, allowing the LP-380-U to faithfully reproduce every detail of your performances, from subtle nuances to powerful crescendos. For stunning realism, the Classic Piano and Grand Piano patches even authentically reproduce the cabinet resonances that occur when you hold down the damper pedal of an acoustic piano.

Authentic vintage electric pianos

Electric pianos are a staple of modern music, and the ones in the LP-380-U are first rate. These electric pianos not only reproduce the way that the tone responds to your touch, delivering vintage bark and bite when you dig in; they also reproduce the subtle sounds that are triggered when you release a key. Six distinct varieties of electric pianos are onboard, covering the classics widely used in the pop, soul, and R&B music of the 1960s and ’70s.

There are a total of 30 high-quality, expressive sounds onboard the LP-380-U, covering a range of instruments that includes harpsichords, clavinets, mallets, acoustic guitar, organs strings, and choirs. In addition, there’s Layer Mode, which lets you play two sounds together, plus a Partner Mode that divides the keyboard into identical left and right sections — perfect for duets and teacher/student interaction. Two headphone jacks make it convenient for two people to play together without disturbing others. Three built-in effects — Brilliance, Reverb, and Chorus — make it easy to customize your sounds for any style of music.

USB Audio/MIDI connectivity

The LP-380-U supports USB Audio/MIDI, the modern standard for transferring audio and performance data between electronic musical instruments, computers, and mobile devices. This lets you connect your LP-380-U to your computer and use it as a master controller for laying down tracks in your favorite digital audio workstation software. The addition of USB Audio/MIDI makes a great digital piano even better! If you’re in the market for an elegant piano for your home, the Korg LP-380-U should definitely be on your short list!


  • Slim, stylish design graces any room in your home
  • Vibrant, resonant, and dynamic onboard acoustic piano sounds
  • 30 high-quality sounds cover a range of instruments
  • 120-voice polyphony for rich sonic realism
  • Brilliance, Reverb, and Chorus effects
  • High-output speaker system produces rich, room-filling sound
  • RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3) keyboard
  • 3-pedal design with half-damper support
  • Onboard metronome lets you adjust time signature, tempo, and volume
  • USB Audio/MIDI port
  • Line-out jack
  • Quality crafted in Kyoto, Japan
  • Includes AC adapter, stand
Comes in Rosewood Black, or White. Please check colour availability before purchasing.