Newen ST Ghost elect guitar pack. Hand made in Argentina! Incl. Vox amp!


NEWEN guitars bring an all new spin on guitar design with their unique and exciting GHOST model.

Guitar Package includes:

1 x Newen St Ghostmodel electric guitar- Hand made in Argentina! r/t $399

1 x Vox Pathfinder 10 watt amplifer r/t $149
1 x guitar cable cable. r/t $25
1 x digiatal tuner r/t $29
3 x picks r/t $3.30
Special price $399 (Normal r/t $605.30)

Made from Patagonian solid wood, these St style electric guitars deliver a rich sense of tone and harmonics in one affordable package.
Coming with 3 standard St Amercian Classic stylestyle single coil pick ups, you can switch between whichever you want to use with a 5-way tone control switch.


The instantly recognizable, warm British sounds you’ve come to expect from VOX are back in the compact, 10-Watt Pathfinder 10 combo.

The tone-filled 10W output makes this amp perfect for home, backstage and recording. With a press of the Clean/Overdrive switch you can go from a crystal clean sound to our unique distortion; or from a crunchy bluesy tone to a modern-rock roar.

Amplifier Specifications:

Circuitry: Solid State
Output: 10 Watts RMS
Speakers: Vox Bulldog x 1 (6.5″, 8 ohm)
Controls: Gain, Treble, Bass, Volume, Clean/Overdrive Switch, Power On/Off
Input: Input Jack
Outputs: Headphone/Line Out Jack
Dimensions: 380mm(w) x 260mm(h) x 170mm(d) / 14.96″(w) x 10.24″(h) x 6.69″(d)
Weight: 4.8Kg/10lbs

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