Roli Seaboard Block


Seaboard Block
Super Powered Keyboard
Create astonishingly expressive music on a portable, super-powered keyboard. Touch and shape your sound on Seaboard Block’s soft, pressure-responsive musical surface. Play a powerful standalone instrument — and extend its power by connecting to other Blocks.

Expressive and expandable
01 Icon 5DTouch
5D Touch technology
07 Icon Keywave
24 keywave, two octave playing surface
04 Icon SoundsSpeaker
Hundreds of sounds in NOISE and Equator Player
15 Icon SoftwareLaptop
Desktop software included: Equator Player, Ableton Live Lite and Tracktion Waveform
05 Icon WirelessPortable
Wireless and portable
12 Icon PairWithBlocks
Connects to Seaboard Block and other ROLI BLOCKS

From stage to studio to everywhere in between
Perform with it on stage. Produce with it in your studio. Throw it in your bag and take it to the cafe — it’s as lightweight as a magazine. Seaboard Block is an incredibly versatile controller that suits any musical set-up, anywhere.

See a demo on the following link:

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