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Make A Connection.
Samson’s ultra-compact Go Mic Connect improves your digital communications and computer recordings through groundbreaking Focused Pattern Technology™. This allows users to adjust the pickup area to focus more directly on a desired sound source. Sound outside the focus pattern is reduced, making Go Mic Connect ideal for noisy VoIP communication and mobile recording environments.

Focused Pattern Technology™

The Go Mic Connect aligns its dual microphone capsules to create a pickup beam that can zero-in on a designated vocal source. Combining the Focus Plus and Focus Direction (Windows only) settings, users can horizontally steer the pickup beam or narrow its width for more defined results. This is especially useful in loud environments and field recording.

Sound Deck Advantage

The included Samson Sound Deck software offers Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), which reduces continuous external environmental noise, improving audio quality and limiting post-production edit time. Windows users also get Echo Erase for eliminating feedback caused by room ambience or external speakers, as well as a built-in recorder with easy file export.

Maximum Compatibility

The Go Mic Connect features a custom clip that adjusts to fit everything from thin laptops to large TV monitors. It can also stand up on a desk for use with tablets and smartphones, or fold up for transport in the included carry pouch. A Mute button and headphone output for direct monitoring complete this useful computer audio solution.

Portable USB microphone with Focused Pattern Technology™
Ideal for Skype™, FaceTime®, Google Hangouts™ and VoIP communications
Perfect for voiceovers, YouTube videos and recording music
Samson Sound Deck software provides Focused Pattern Technology™, Focus Direction, Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), Echo Erase and audio recorder*
Focused Pattern Technology™* adjusts pickup area (“beam”) towards desired sound source
Focus Direction* provides user control over pickup beam direction
DNR* reduces ambient background noise (HVAC systems, computer fans, etc.)
Echo Erase* eliminates echo/feedback caused by external speaker monitoring
Clips atop laptops, computer monitors and televisions
Stands on desk for use with tablets and smartphones
Headphone output for direct monitoring
1-touch Mute
Mac and Windows compatible, no driver installation required
USB cable and protective pouch included
*Focused Patten Technology™ and DNR for Mac and Windows. Focus Direction, Echo Erase and audio recorder for Windows only.

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