Studiomaster Club XS12+ Mixer with 8 Mic Preamps


The Studiomaster Club XS12+ is a new compact and portable mixing console. Offering all the features and specifications required from mixing consoles at this level, at a great price point. With features such as 3 band EQ, built-in channel compression, DSP effects and a hugely versatile Bluetooth/MP3/USB/SD playback and recording system. With 12 inputs (8 microphone channels), 2 stereo input channels, a 16 programme DSP effects unit, Bluetooth connectivity and a USB/SD card facility for stereo recording and playback, this makes the Club XS12+ the perfect mixing console for home recording and live performance.

12 inputs 8 mic channels 2 stereo channels 16 DSP effects Bluetooth USB/SD media player Footswitch socket