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TM-60In recording, microphone plays an important role, that is, converting the pneumatic vibration that turns the sound into electric signals. Of course, a preamplifier that amplifies the microphone signals, an AD converter that converts the sound into digital signals, and the DAW software that shapes the sound. All these gears are important after the recording stage. However, these gears work with the sound which has already been converted by the microphone. This means, the quality of a microphone detemine the sound quality of the entire song.

To easily acquire high-precision sound in a home recording environment, why not starting from adding a condenser microphone in your recording gears?
The condenser microphone has a different structure from the dynamic microphone which can be easily seen everywhere. In general, the condenser mic has high-precision, subtle sound quality. Diaphragms are largely divided into large diaphragms and small diaphragms according to the size of diaphragm that converts the sound into electric signals. Small diaphragms are normally used for condenser microphones for their versatility.

Among the TASCAM microphone series that have been tested with the TASCAM products, the TM-60 is the only model that does not require phantom power supply. It is optimum for the mobile environment where phantom power supplies cannot always be provided. It is optimum especially when operating the audio interface by the bus power of PC or when using the condenser microphones by the devices operated by batteries such as DP-008EX or DR-44WL, for it enables to use the condenser microphones without consuming the electric power of the devices.


iPad Recording
By using iPad, iXR, and mobile battery, the recording environment full of mobility can be easily established. When using the condenser microphone in this environment, the electric power for the phantom power can be supplied from the mobile battery, which consumes the battery in an increased level. Using TM-60 in this case can reduce power consumption of the mobile battery.


Bus Power Recording
US-2×2 can be operated by the PC bus power, which can establish the mobile environment just by using it with your note PC. Usually the phantom power is supplied from the note PC, but using TM-60 does not require phantom power so it could save PC battery.


The battery operation PORTASTUDIO (MTR) such as DP-008EX is one of the easiest solution to establish a mobile environment. When a condenser microphone is used, it consumes the electric power of the battery in the microphone, but using TM-60 can reduce power consumption of the recorder.


Handheld Recording
Handheld recorder DR series is lined up with models with XLR terminals, which can use an external microphone. Phantom power supply from the recorder is also available, but using TM-60 can reduce the power consumption of the recorder.
Easily gets a precise, high-definition sound quality from a condenser microphone
TM-60 is a condenser-type microphone, which is quite different from the dynamic microphone which usually being used in live performances. The diaphragm operates due to the pneumatic vibration. Inside of a dynamic microphone, the voice coil operates with the diaphragm, which increases the weight of the entire part. On the other hand, the condenser microphone incorporates a diaphragm in the either side of the electrode in an electrical part referred to as condenser, realizing a lightweight structure. This allows excellent follow-up performance, greatly contributing to high-precision sound. Thus the mechanism to convert into electrical signals is completely different between the two: the dynamic microphones are powered by electromagnetic induction to obtain electrical signals, whereas the condenser microphones take out the potential difference between the condenser electrodes as a signal. To give the condenser the potential difference, power supply is required.
TM-280* The figure shows a diaphgram of typical condenser microphones. TM-60 is a condenser of back electret condenser type, which has a slightly different structure, but no specific difference is in the features.
Small diaphragm type easy to use for any instruments, for any purposes
Condenser microphones are largely divided into two categories according to the size of diaphragm: large diaphragm types, and small diaphragm types. The model such as TM-60 is categorized as a small diaphragm type. Its smooth frequency response is the characteristic of the small diaphragm types. The TM-60 has the frequency response which smoothly enhances its high end, where anybody can get a clear, crisp sound.


No phantom power supply is needed, battery operation ideal for mobile recording
A standard condenser microphone requires phantom power supply for their operation. Phantom power supply usually has a large voltage of +48V, so when the phantom power is supplied from the recorder, the battery runs out quickly. TM-60 is operated by the batteries included in the microphone, so there is no need of phantom power supply from the recorder. This enables you to use the microphone without consuming the battery out of the recorder. A switch to save power consumption is available.
Ideal for a recording of single sound source, with unidirectional characteristics to catch the target sound
TM-60The polar pattern shows the characteristics in which the microphone can pick up the sound in a specific direction (directivity). TM-60 has a unidirectional pattern (cardioid). The unidirectional condenser microphone is ideal for recording vocal and any single sound source because it mainly picks up the sound from the specified direction.
Various accessory lineups
TM-60A variety of convenient accessories are available.
Operation and sound quality verified with TASCAM products
The microphone has been tested with the TASCAM audio interfaces as well as PORTASTUDIO for their functionality and sound quality. The audio samples of TM-60 with a few TASCAM products are available on our web page. Of course, the microphones can be used with any acoustic equipment that complies with a condenser microphone.

Features at-a-glance

  • Condenser-type microphone
  • Cardioid (Unidirectional)
  • Operation by AA battery
  • Includes accessories of wind screen, mic stand, cable, mic clip and mic case

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