Taye Spotlight Drum kit plus Cymbal set!


Putting You in Center Stage

You need a lightweight drum set that performs like a pro kit, but you’re on a budget. You want the Taye Spotlight. Drawing upon Taye Classic Design creativity and Taye’s technology, the Spotlight tears up traditional definitions of “entry level” and “pro”. Put simply, the Spotlight is a fine drum set—fine looking and fine sounding. You’ll be thinking that the modest price is pretty fine too! We have created a drum kit that features great sounding shells finished in tough, good looking laminates. Spotlight drums feature true modularity—the tom mount, which accepts our cymbal boom arm, is a perfect example. If you’re a student, Spotlight is an ideal first kit.

Superior sounding shells finished in tough, great looking laminates, Spotlight drums feature 100% Select Poplar shells. Poplar produces tonal properties similar to birch; bright attack with warm decay.

Spotlight is an ideal first kit, yet still has professional features. So unlike many other sets in this category, Spotlight can grow with your musical needs.

Premium All-Poplar Shell
Shells are 8 ply, 7mm
EFS™ Shell Technology
UB105 PocketHinge Bracket
BC100 Articulated Claw Hook
Wood Bass Drum Hoop with Matching Inlay
Studded Gaskets
UB100 Floor Tom Bracket

Available Component Drums:

Bass Drums:
SL2214B – 22″x14″

Floor Toms:
SL1615F – 16″x15″

Rack Toms:
SL1310R – 13″x10″
SL1209R – 12″x9″

Snare Drums:
SL1455S – 14″x5.5″

The Stagg cymbal set is a perfect upgrade from the standard set coming with entry level kits. Great sound and durable.

Made from a copper steel alloy.

Including: 1 x 16″ Crash
1 x 20″ Ride
1 x 14″ Hi-Hat

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